Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Editors Observation

Once the new collections showed up in stores I immediately went to a mall and search for my first observations. Most of the stores were selling the winter stuff too. So ladies you have a little some time to buy the leftovers. But I dont think you will like leftovers once you saw the new collection. Even it is freezing outside, when you take a stroll in stores you find yourself dreaming the spring/summer holiday wearing those clothes.

In new collection I saw , sunlight tonality, white, pink, turquoise, coral colors especially in dresses. Plus, like in winter collection lace is very ''in''. The whole store was like Big Bubble. It was lightened up with bold feminine colors and prints.
Photo from Marc Jacobs

Photo from Balmain

Althought it is romantic black doesnt goes and ironicly makes a rock'n roll fashion.

To sum up: 80's neon colors like electric blue, shocking pink, highlighter yellow and bright green are back. But dont make us flashback just make a modern look!

Spring/Summer '09

In Turkey, we are expecting snow these days but in fashion industry spring/summer collections are allready showed up. Alot of designers made their runways in Paris, London, New York and several places. Now the stores are filling the gaps of the clearence by new collections. Females like me devourted the stores when we saw the 50%, 70% and especially 50+50% sales. By reason of economic crises, some of us bought classic, timeless items like pencil skirts, jeans, pullovers, basic t-shirts and shirts. Which is a very smart thing to do if you don't loose yourselves in sales (I mean buying stuff that you won't wear or buying stuff because its cheeper than its normal price). Also it would be very helpful to your budget.